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Symposium Workshop Tracks

Research Compliance

Duck, Duck, Goose. Keeping your IRB Ducks in a Row.

Presenter: Cecilia Brooke Cholka, Human Protections Specialist, OIRB

Recently, the OIRB conducted an in-depth analysis of the reasons why a submission is sent back to the researcher. This session will present the results of that analysis including a discussion of the most common submission mistakes that delay IRB approval. Submissions that require clarifications and corrections have significantly increased turnaround times for IRB review.  Brooke will discuss steps you can take to avoid the common pitfalls in preparing documents. The newly developed Project Start-up Tools will be presented with tips to help you stay in compliance after IRB approval. This session will provide you with helpful tools and information and is ideal for any research administrator that assists with human research.

Conflict of Interest Disclosures – Do I have to?

Presenter: Sue Marker, Compliance Assistant, Research Compliance

Conflicts of interest (COI) are an inevitable part of conducting research and do not necessarily suggest any impropriety on the part of the investigator. Most conflicts can be successfully resolved without impeding research activities. A COI may exist despite the investigator's adherence to the highest standards of conduct. This session will provide information about the different aspects of COI and its processes.

Publish or Perish: Protecting your Research.

Presenter: Deb Kuidis, Industrial Security Officer

What do you do when your research and national security intersect? Are you working on something that has not yet been determined to be classified or export controlled information because it potentially has military application? Protecting your research ensures that work you have dedicated your life to is appropriately credited to you and not published or patented by other scientists or governments because your ideas or intellectual property were stolen either by a simple phishing email or while presenting at a conference on international travel. Industrial Security is responsible for helping faculty, staff, & students with the security measures necessary to safeguard classified, sensitive, intellectual property, & export-controlled information.


OSP Dashboard – Building Reports That Work For You

Presented by: Isela Roeder, Faculty Research Support Officer (SOE) and Rebecca Valdez, Supervisor, Fiscal Services, OSP

The newly released OSP Dashboard is a robust tool that can be used to generate various types of research relevant reports – pulling data from Cayuse and Banner. This session will present various reports that may be of benefit to your project and/or department. You will learn how to run various proposal and award reports using the available criteria on this tool.

Do’s & Don’ts of the Proposal Submission Process

Presented by: Rosa Gonzalez-Rosenblatt, Director, OSP, Tim Wester, Contract & Grant Administrator and Monica Fischel, Faculty Research Support Officer, FRDO.

With the wide range of funding opportunities available to PIs, every grant submission is unique and this can make the proposal development and submission process complex and challenging. For this reason, it is helpful to have a road map for finding the relevant information. This session will provide you with resources, tips and techniques to build your skills and knowledge for providing streamlined proposal support to your faculty to ensure successful navigation of the proposal development and submission process.

OSP Hot Topics – Top 10 Questions Everyone Needs Answers For; and The Answers!

Presented by: Chris Saxton, Manager, OSP and Monica Waquie, Sponsored Projects Officer, OSP

OSP Hot Topics will examine some of the current issues that Principal Investigators navigate when creating a proposal at the University of New Mexico. Issues such as minimum effort, cost sharing and Indirect Cost determinations are reviewed with an emphasis on institutional approaches and current best practices in the world of research administration.


Orange Isn’t My Color -- How to Stay Out of Audit Jail

Presenters: Frances Marin, Senior Fiscal Services Accountant and Jeremy Hamlin, Manager, Fiscal Services

The Contracts & Grant Accounting Office responds to audit inquiries from external auditors and agencies on a regular basis. Agency audits seem to be more frequent with more and more scrutiny on allowable expenditures, how expenditures benefit the awards, and monitoring financial performance. This session will dive into real world examples of audit findings from other agencies, and lessons learned from recent UNM agency audits. We will give examples of how to monitor your awards to stay in compliance and ensure your financial performance is up to par with agency expectations.

Research Reimbursements in Chrome River – Floating Down the Calm River, Not Riding the Rapids

Presenters: Danielle Gurule, Accountant 2 and Jessica Alderete, Supervisor, Fiscal Services

Grab your inner tube and let’s float down the calm waters of Chrome River. This new system was implemented to make reimbursements easier and to replace the old DPEZ (DPI) process for reimbursing employees, students, and non-employees. This session will go over ways to avoid having your expense report returned for correction, and ultimately minimizing the time it takes to get your employee/student reimbursed.

Contract and Grant Accounting Hot Topics

Presenters: Teresa Hammitt, Senior Fiscal Services Accountant and Alana Watts, Senior Fiscal Services Accountant

What is the difference between participant support and participant incentives? What is effort, and why is it so important? When do you pay a student salary versus a stipend? This session will discuss these hot topics and provide answers and examples to help make sure you have the key to success in managing your award.


Hiring For Your Grant (Staff) – Things You Can Do to Expedite the Hiring Process

Presented by: Mike Brown, Director, HR Services and Stefanie Rotunno, Senior Human Resources Consultant

The grant has been awarded and you need to get staff hired so the research can begin. There are things that you can do to help expedite the hiring process. This session will present information about approval requirements, an overview of the process and things you can do in advance to help your hiring requisitions flow smoothly through the process.

Conflict Resolution – Order Matters

Presented by: Anne Lightsey, Ombuds Facilitator

When it comes to conflict resolution, order matters. We will explore the 4 primary steps to conflict resolution, and look at the 8 most common root causes of conflict so that you can begin preventing and resolving conflicts.

Stressing the Lighter Side of Life

Presented by: Reed Vawter, Health Education Consultant

Do you face short deadlines, grumpy co-workers, and cramped cubicles on a daily basis? Work can be a stressful place, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Learn simple techniques to help you focus on the lighter side of life – both at work and at home. With some small changes, you will see stress in a new light and change your path towards a more positive outlook.

Event Coordinator

Emily Ballo
Strategic Support Manager
Office of the Vice President for Research