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Make connections and expand your knowledge of research administration at the University of New Mexico.

Keynote Address

Melanie Moses, Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science


Swarms: Collective action without hierarchy

"From cells in your own body fighting the flu to ant colonies finding new paths to your picnic basket, natural swarms thrive in almost any environment. Our research in swarm robotics takes note from nature and allows us to speculate how human designed complex systems such as the Internet, modern cities and even universities can survive by being adaptable and flexible in the face of a rapidly changing world."

Breakout Session Workshops led by:

  • Contract & Grant Accounting

  • Faculty Research Development Office

  • Human Resources

  • Office of Sponsored Projects

  • Ombuds Office

  • Research Compliance Office

  • Wellness Office

Event Coordinator

Emily Ballo
Strategic Support Manager
Office of the Vice President for Research